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Friday, October 2, 2009

Painting Under the Influence

Finding time to paint between breakfast, work, dinner, baby, dishes and life duties has proven daunting. I’ve taken to working after dark by the light of a mix of cool and warm colored incandescent candles in my makeshift underground studio. After kissing my baby and my wife goodnight I descend to the shallow, quiet, modestly ventilated sanctuary of my studio. I pop the cork of another bottle of red to help me escape the weight of the day that looms on my shoulders. Process takes up a significant portion of the early stages of each session, which allows me to arrive at the “right” state of mind. The spirit creeping through my veins un-inhibits my otherwise tightly controlled psyche, loosening my reservations and freeing my hands to do what they need to do. By the time I reach this point I’ve already toiled over the architecture of my approach and have no need for further unremitting deliberation. Over and over in my head I’ve already executed each painting dozens of times before actually approaching the canvas with a brush. By the time I commit brush to palette the idea is sound and the composition is set. I’ve found that painting sessions become focused and productive under the influence of some mashed grapes. Now, don’t go and get all AA on me … I’ve found the freedom to execute my ideas in the past without help from the vine. This time however, the help is much appreciated and much enjoyed.

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